Kuudere Simulator 2

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It’s been exactly one year since I unleashed Kuudere Simulator upon the world. Kuudere Sim obtained 10/10 scores from literally every gaming website in existence, and achieved massive financial success. Not a single day has passed without people begging for a sequel.

Today is the day that your dreams finally come true! I’m pleased to announce that Kuudere Simulator 2 has been in development this entire time, and is now ready for release.

You can download this masterpiece here:


I am confident that Kuudere Simulator 2 will not only be declared The Game Of The Year for 2016, but for all subsequent years, as well. I should probably just cancel Yandere Simulator. What is the point of developing another video game when I have already achieved perfection with Kuudere Simulator 2? Who is even going to remember Yandere Simulator, after playing a masterpiece like Kuudere Sim 2? I should…

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