Interim Build + April Plans

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

Surprise! I’m uploading a new build one day earlier than I usually do. But, don’t get too excited – it’s just an interim build. What the heck is an “Interim Build”? Watch this video to find out!

Scroll down to read possibly the longest changelog I’ve ever written!

Fixes and Additions

  • As of now, when multiple button prompts are visible onscreen, the game will highlight the one that is closest to the center of the screen, rather than the one that Yandere-chan is standing closest to. (This fixes the “Can’t pick up objects dropped near incinerator” bug.)
  • From now on, if a student witnesses a corpse while they are running to the locker room to change their clothing, they will switch their personality to “Loner” and run out of the school, instead of following their normal corpse-reaction routine.
  • Previously, when a student was following you, they would run when they…

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