January 2nd Bug-Fixing Update

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

Oops! There were some weird bugs in the previous build. I’ve prepared a new build with some important fixes. You can download it here.

Scroll down below this gorgeous illustration to see a bullet-point list of everything that I fixed in this new build! (I only wish I knew the name of the artist!)

  • In previous versions of the game, when the schoolday ended, Yandere-chan would drop all weapons that she was holding. If the player had committed murder, but had not been witnessed, had cleaned all blood, had disposed of the body, and had disposed of their bloody clothing, but had a bloody weapon in her possession, the police would still be called at the end of the day. This makes no logical sense, because there is no reason for Yandere-chan to drop a piece of incriminating evidence on the ground if she had successfully gotten away with…

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